Massage Therapy
Massage is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and enhance wellness. A variety of techniques are used to improve circulation, release tension, increase flexibility and re-energize the body and mind. The therapist will work creatively to personalize your massage based on your individual needs. 

Swedish Massage: A head-to-toe massage that uses traditional European techniques of soothing stokes, kneading and soothing hand movement, to relieve
 your body of unwanted stress.  
(60 min) $70 
(75 min) $80

Sports Massage: A deep tissue treatment that uses deep pressure and concentrates on specific areas to reduce muscle tightness, discomfort, and pain. 
(30 min) $55 
(60 min) $85 
(90 min) $100 

Relax the Back: A massage that focuses on the neck, shoulder, and back area, using the Swedish and/or Sports Massage techniques, depending on your individual needs. 
(30 min) $45 
Seated Relief: A refreshing upper body massage is given in a seated, fully clothed position. This massage is best for relief or a prefect introduction to a body massage. 
(10 min) $10 
(15 min) $15 
(20 min) $20 

 Reflexology: This balancing massage technique utilizes unique blends of oils which are massaged onto specific pressure points on the feet, increasing blood circulation and relieving stress. 
(30 min) $30 
(45 min) $40 

Maternity Massage: This relaxing massage, specifically suited for the mother-to-be. 
(45 min) $55 

Theraputic Massage : A wide range of therapeutic techniques focused specifically for your needs to reduce stress, upper/lower and mid-back pain, headaches, discomfort and pain. 
(60 min) $80 
(75 min) $90 
Spa Body Care Series 
For maximum benefits, a series of treatments is recommended. Choose a series including any combination of the eight treatments listed below, and receive the   seventh treatment free. The Spa Body Care Series must be completed within three months. 
Hydrotherapy Spa Bed, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Relax the Back, Reflexology 

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